No Sandy Horses!

Horse Feeder 008

For the first time in the history of Campo Urbano, our horses are sand free! Horses get sand in their intestinal track which can cause them to become very ill. In Arizona we have a fine line to walk, our ground is hard, so we brought in sand, to keep our horses’ hooves and legs healthy, but then they’d eat the sand with their hay and supplements. Last year, to combat this problem, we build these hay boxes. Each box is the size of a bale of hay, with a grate on top. The box keeps the hay off the ground, while still mimicking natural grazing habit. The grate keeps the horses from eating all the hay quickly. Mickey learned how to take the grate off, so now we tie it down.

It took us a year, but we are now sand free! Yay for healthy happy horses!

You can find versions of these in feed stores, or we’ll make one to fit your needs!