Amazing Junior Mentors!

Payton EditWe cannot believe how quickly camp went this year, or how much older everyone looked. This is Payton in a team building game. He has come to camp for 5 years. Can you find pictures of this year’s junior mentors from past years on the website?

Our junior mentors were amazing, as they always are, but they really stepped up to the plate this year.

Payton, Emily, Kayla, Tatyana, Walker, and Emma were paramount to the success of summer camp. They have developed their leadership skills over the last few years, and we couldn’t have done it without them!

It’s phenomenal to see how much everyone matures and grows over the years. These junior mentors are excellent role models! All of the younger campers strive to be like them, often calling themselves junior mentors in training! We think they created a new role at Campo del Oeste!

Thanks again, Walker, Emma, Emily, Payton, Kayla, and Tatyana. We all really appreciate your help!