Welcome Lilly & Napoleon


We welcomed two new additions to our herd the first week of September. If you happened to drive down Grant Rd. on the 5th, you may have seen Lilly in a minivan on her way to the ranch. The mini Palomino (gold body, white mane and tail) mare acclimated quickly to the ranch. However, Napoleon arrived with spunk. As soon as the paint (white with big black spots) stallion arrived he began huffing and puffing at the bigger horses. Gabe decided to check on the stallion on behalf of the herd, and walked up to the fence where he and Napoleon smelled, pawed, and neighed at each other. All of the horses were interested in the activities, and kept an eye on the new horses. We decided, for the safety of everyone at the ranch, to keep the two groups separate until they know each other better.