Welcome Home Sharoo!

Welcome home Sharoo

Sharoo has been gone for just under 2 months for training off-site. Beau has visited him every week for riding lessons and giving everyone updates on how well Sharoo has done. Today we welcomed him back to the ranch! We’re so excited to have his handsome face in the herd once again. This is a picture of Luna and Sharoo greeting each other. Isn’t their body language telling! Look at that beautiful curve in Sharoo’s neck.

Here’s what the Animal Plant has to say about horses greeting each other:

Whenever two horses meet, they “greet” one another. First, they stretch out their heads and sniff each other’s noses, then they smell other parts of the body. Horses may shove and press against each other, lay their heads on each other’s backs, and touch noses again. The greeting helps the horses to get acquainted, to recognize one another by their scents, to communicate their social status, and maybe even to test their strength.