Blast from the Past Continues


We still have this bench. It’s been interesting to watch it transform over the years.

We forgot all about this blog from 2009! We never forgot this quote though:

Campo del Oeste is funner than any camp, besides Sea World!

Here’s an except from a post about adobe making:

Creative Construction (Adobe / Other Natural Resources)

Through adobe building the campers are physically engaging in the same practice as the Native Americans who, located in Southwestern areas, mainly constructed their homes from adobe brick (sun-dried bricks of clay, mud, and straw). The campers begin to understand that the innovation of these effective and sustainable materials are revolutionary in affordable green design. They learned that adobe is both free and widely abundant in desert areas. The building of adobe retreats from the developing Western ideals of imported goods and external help, and rejuvenates independence in the knowledge of vocational skills. It’s practicality displays the pure act of relying entirely on the earth to provide building materials for a sustainable structure.