What is Natural Horse(wo)manship?


Photo by Nina Fuller

If you ask five horse people what natural horsemanship is, you may only get five definitions, but you’ll get twenty ideas for how to implement it.

For Campo Urbano, natural horsemanship is a way of caring for and relating to our horses.

When it comes to the care our ten horses, natural horsemanship means allowing and encouraging them to behave like horses. They live in a herd. They have access to hay almost all the time* and eat close to the ground, to mimic grazing. We keep them barefoot, if possible. We’re working on conceptualizing an environmentally friendly desert Paddock Paradise. We constantly discuss the best care options for our horses to ensure high qualities of life.

Just as important to us as the physical and mental care of our much loved horses, is our relationship to them. You might see us acting kind of… well, horse like, when we’re with them. We are very mindful of our presence’s impact on the herd. We work hard to create trusting respectful relationships with our horses; they are our partners at the ranch.