SocialSnakes coming to Campo Urbano

To kick off our eco-ethics summer camp, SocialSnakes is coming to help teach safe desert awareness… petting snakes and everything! Here’s some information about SocialSnakes & the presenter!

The secret lives of Arizona snakes
Few animals are enshrouded in such mythology and misunderstanding as snakes. Whether they inspire fear and loathing or intrigue and reverence, most of us get a jolt of adrenaline when we cross paths with a snake. I will dispel some myths and reveal facts about snakes that are stranger than fiction. You’ll get a chance to meet some local snakes including a rattlesnake and a very friendly gophersnake. Come see another side of snakes and learn how they’re more like us than you might think.

Melissa Amarello (bio)
Melissa’s lifelong fascination with snakes led her to work on a variety of projects on natural history and conservation of reptiles in Arizona, California, and Mexico. The need for positive messaging about snakes became apparent as she saw firsthand how negative attitudes can stifle conservation efforts. She incorporated education and outreach into her research, and started blogging at to foster appreciation for snakes by sharing stories and videos of their behavior in the field. In the spring of 2014 she co-founded Advocates for Snake Preservation (ASP), which uses science, education, and advocacy to promote compassionate conservation and coexistence with snakes. Melissa received her B.S. in wildlife, watershed, and rangeland resources at the University of Arizona and her M.S. in biology at Arizona State University, where she studied rattlesnake social behavior.