Thank you, White Stallion Ranch!

IMG_2196 Sharing our values of reconnecting with nature, and the power of horses to help guide us on our own “personal learning, growth, and discovery process” White Stallion Ranch is a great family owned business. In the beautiful mountains of southern Arizona, it is an an easy escape to the desert where you can relax and take a deep breath. It offers an instant community to visitors, and greeted us with open arms.

Last month, White Stallion Ranch demonstrated its family, friendly, and community to Campo del Oeste. We contacted White Stallion Ranch to see about possibly taking campers on a trail ride. At Campo Urbano (the ranch that is the site of our summer program, Campo del Oeste) we have 10 horses, but few are for riding, and two are minis (Lily & Napoleon). Instead, our horses help us with our year-around after school program.IMG_2203

White Stallion Ranch quickly responded to our ask by saying they’d be happy to donate! the rides! The campers were so excited about riding horses. Though it was hot, they came back from the trip with smiles and stories about the things they saw in the desert. The kids remembered every detail about ‘their’ horse. It’s amazing to see how quickly kids develop relationships with horses.

We’re truly grateful to all our community supporters. We’re honored and humbled by the show of support we receive for our programs and the work we do at Campo Urbano. A huge thank you to White Stallion Ranch for giving campers this opportunity – one many would never have had otherwise.